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View Diary: Condi Lied: Declassified Memo from Clarke (416 comments)

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  •  the real memogate (4.00)
    and not the Rather one where Rove used his dirty tricks. If this is legit, and it certainly seems so in every way, it must stick. Stick, stick, stick. Snowball and stick. Repeat after me: this could be the one, the HTGS (honest to god scandal) that finally brings the house of cards down. The timing is right, and Gannongate was just the beginning. Chimpeachment is not just a dream. From this keyboard and from all our kossack keyboards to history, please.

    stick and snowball: either metaphor will do

    •  Jeff Gannon gets WH pre-release (none)
      Who in the White House gave Jeff Gannon a pre-release before the official Press Release??

      My case presented

      (Talon News webpage has now gone missing - a cache version should be available)

      Pre-release with 3 typo errors made visible:

      [1st] ü Strengthening Medicare. President Bush signed legislation in 2003

      Official White House Press Release

      [1st]  em>Strengthening Medicare. President Bush signed legislation in 2003

      Read carefully full comment via link.

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