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  •  Different Gannons (4.00)
    I think.  The first thing I thought of when the whole Gannon affair hit the fan was this article from Harper's a while back.  It's about "The Family," a Christian group that is frightnening to say the least.  Anyway, one of the residents of the home is simply referred to as Gannon, and is said to be the son of a Texas oilman and former aide to Senator Nickles.  It seems that the Texas oilman Gannon is the one Bush referred to, not the Guckert Gannon.
    •  Never meant the reporter! (none)
      Just wanted to underline the coincidence of the name Gannon. The Gannons referred to as friends in Crawford are still unknown to me.

      Recently in diaries plenty of focus on the Gannons as corporation in St. Louis, the relationship with the SBVT smear campaign of Kerry.

      Gannon International and Gannon Technology
      See also article in dKosopedia!

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