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  •  Ron Paul is a libertarian and consistently against (none)
    military intervention. He is a strong opponent of the Iraq war and the Patriot Act. He is a bad example to use for your point. He is no Republican hack. In fact he was the 1988 Libertarian Party candidiate for President. See the attached interview from 1/31/2003, his stance on the war and civil liberties is similar to many Daily Kos posters.

    Texas Observer: Is it inevitable we will go to war with Iraq?
    Ron Paul: I would say the odds are 98 percent. Only a miracle will save us from committing this overt act of aggression. I think this will be a gift for Osama bin Laden. He will be the beneficiary of it. He hates Saddam Hussein. He has a better chance of getting one of his men [in power] after we cause a lot of disruption over there. And besides, his recruiting operation is going to get a real boost. We are going to prove to many Muslims around the world exactly what he has been telling them all along, that we are over there to dominate, to control, and to get the oil. I think we have fallen into that trap.

    •  Thanks for the info... (none)
      I confess that Paul was the first quote that I came upon after I couldn't get into the National Journal archives. I was in there a while ago and saw that there was a vote on funding the Bosnia mission wherein a chunk of the opposition (not just republicans) voted against funding the forces.

      And I seem to recall a plethora of opposition websites arguing against getting involved in Bosnia based on the humanitarian arguments set forth.

      What I thought was interesting is how quickly Bosnia has been used as a foundation moment for our involving ourselves in humanitarian Iraq: "After all, we went after Slobodan, did we not? Saddam is equally bad."

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