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View Diary: Condi Lied: Declassified Memo from Clarke (416 comments)

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  •  Condi also denied that there was a plan (none)
    handed over by the Clinton administration.

    But let's also add some context from early 2001:

    The FAA began receiving its string of 52 intel reports about the threat to domestic airliners and this names al Quaida.

    By Feb./March 2001, al Quaida had been linked to the bombing of the USS Cole.

    The Hart/Rudman report on terrorism is presented which warns of a terrorist attack, not "if" but when, and names al Quaida.

    The FBI and CIA get streams of intel and warnings that an attack is imminent.  Since those reports are still classified by Bush, we don't know exactly how many, but I'd wager there's more than 52 reports.  Something that would cause senior officials to run around "with their hair on fire."

    The NSA begins to see a dramatic rise in "chatter" in February.  

    From her briefings with Sandy Berger and the outgoing national security team, Condi is warned about al Quaida.  Couple those first briefings with all of the above and I think, one would have to conclude that the matter of a threat should be taken seriously.

    She should be fired for incompetence and prosecuting for lying about it.

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