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View Diary: Vote on why Democrats lost the House majority (35 comments)

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    Churchill, kurt

    most importantly they did not fight for the people or their rights. They sided with the banksters, the spooks, the DLC end of the party and even the Republicans. Alan Simpson sums it up for me. I see his hideous face and think Change I cannot Believe In.

    Obama appealed to our better angels he was articulate he brought together a coalition of people who were not low information not stupid and recognized the fierce urgency of now that is back and has grown. the voters that elected the Democratic majority are not so easily bamboozled and bait and switch isn't likely to work twice. People wanted audacity and a party that would fight for them.

    Fear of the right doesn't work when you refuse to fight them and allow them control the agenda . It's tragic because the Democrat's will spin this as the country is not liberal, and they will move right.
    Fear sucks every body likes hope and everybody needs real change not this moving forward in the same direction and calling it better then the worst ever.      

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