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View Diary: Rand Paul explains Republican economic philosophy in 30 seconds (229 comments)

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  •  Pres. Obama also said in that interview: (0+ / 0-)

    "India has world-class companies, many of which are creating and supporting tens of thousands of jobs in the United States, and my administration wishes to encourage more such investment," he said.

    And that's the side of the balanced-trade relationship that US and India already have which American audiences need to made aware of by politicians, and which has been getting lost in the anti-India demagoguery that we have seen in election campaigns.

    US-India trade relationship even as it presently exists is reasonably balanced, mutually beneficial and not a one-way street, and that truth should be told like it is.

    India might consider the open market access that Pres. Obama asks for if the US signs a free trade pact with India, gives India MFN/PNTR status, and unequivocally supports permanent membership in the UNSC for India (which India, the world's largest democracy deserves to have regardless. If China, a non-democracy can be a permanent member, why would anyone deny that status to India?)

    Overall, the US needs to do balanced trade with all countries, starting with balancing trade with China, a country with which the US has whopping trade deficits every year. So the "open (and fair) access" mantra needs to be applied to China, first and foremost.

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