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View Diary: For Immediate Release: The Jeff Gannon Controversy - A Primer for the Press (436 comments)

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  •  Good idea. (none)
    My son-in-law had to get a private line for calls to a number which was released publicly.  Calls were constant.

    He put it on a message center which recorded all calls and only returned calls unless he was there and could here who it was.  He never answered the phone cold.  it also helped when he needed to prove what someone said later.

    for you it would be helpful if you start getting crank calls.  Or threats.  Having a recording is extremely helpful.  Just saying.

    And I add my small voice to the orchestra of thanks you and SusanG having been getting.

     In another life I was often in charge of large documents productions for a large lawfirm and know info organization is key to ever using the material later.  hopefully the new platform for the research will be totally searchable by name and date and topic.  And available to kos readers.

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