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View Diary: For Immediate Release: The Jeff Gannon Controversy - A Primer for the Press (436 comments)

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  •  This was an outlet related to another reporter (none)
    Another "volunteer reporter" active early on was Teresa Martin, who I have been unable to locate outside of the Talon empire.  I suspect that this site was related to a specific push to pander to rising conservative numbers in Hawaii, but this is an area that I think still needs another look.
    •  I agree these reporters need more (none)
      attention. I started a list of all the ones who wrote stories for Talon and copied their bios. That's as far as I got but if this topic gets to a diary, I'll post them. I do think finding another paid 'reporter' for the wH would be effective because it points to their spreading propaganda.

      Also I'd like to see a diary of the research tools we can use. I've learned a lot and tried a couple (the graph connecting sites and the wayback machine) but those who are proficient at internet research could save the rest of us some time by listing all the tools available for research. I did find a blog search engine but not sure how good it was.

      I'm not familar with the difference between a press release and talking points but since the MSM doesn't seem to want to do any work, would it be effective to send them the story already written? Also should we do talking points for the television/radio media? Seems they do even less real reporting than newspapers.

      And finally, all newspapers in Washington State have the press release.

      I just want to say thanks to Kos and the whole gang here working on this.  I finally feel a bit of hope that we CAN bring these felons to justice.

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