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View Diary: For Immediate Release: The Jeff Gannon Controversy - A Primer for the Press (436 comments)

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  •  Did some previous work on this list (none)
    So far as I know, I was the only one working on this list for any length of time, although other folks did chime in over various threads with some info. I did some work on Mahaleris and came up with some of the same info
    that you found.

    As far as the rest of the early Talon bunch, for the most part, they're remarkably invisible.
    See link to some research on Doug Patton, Teresa Martin, and the mysterious Lisa Jacobson  

    Besides Mahaleris, my favorite oddball has to be the "high school senior" with bylines from around the world, so look at info about Stephen Dewey here and here, and

    DEFuning was working on Jimmy Moore-  don't know if that got posted yet, but he's the one that's supposedly all tight with Bob Jones University (ick).

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