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  •  The failure is yours. (1+ / 0-)
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    YOURS. You are the one defending mediocrity, you are the one content with half-assed measures. YOU YOU YOU.


    We all voted here, but YOU demanded middle of the road while the rest of us were demanding what we voted for. CHANGE.

    Fucking sweet Jesus Christ some people are dense.

    •  No fool I wanted single payer (0+ / 0-)

      what you don't quite get is that the scope of acceptable change in any given society has limits.. personally I think that they could have gone a bit farther but the available data I have may not be complete.

      all the social programs we have started out rather mediocre social security was weaker then shit when it first got going.. look at it now.

      First you have to get the thing BORN then you raise it up.

      And the right was already packing heat at presidential rallies.. capice?

      How far do you really want to push that envelope when the reaction to the mild shit was GUNS?

      •  I wanted xxx! (0+ / 0-)

        Social Security didn't start as a corporate giveaway. Medicare didn't start as a corporate giveaway. Unemployment Insurance didn't start as a corporate giveaway. None of these programs began with a bunch of assholes writing legislation to make their bank accounts fatter.

        HIR is a corporate giveaway. HIR was written by the very scum that would rather see you dead than to see you get the treatment that you paid for. HIR was written by the murderers and thieves in the insurance industry to see to it that while providing the people with nothing more than a bill every month, they would fool enough idiots into thinking that they were getting something great in exchange.

        But I'm done talking to you. You can't see anything from where you sit. Your ass was just handed to you and you are grasping at straws trying to explain what happened. Everyone knows it but you.

        Good luck.

        •  well you won't have to worry about it after this (0+ / 0-)


          Because you guys that feel that way did not show up.. the GOP is going to defund it and none of the good that even the crippled HIR did will be done.

          Thanks!  You jackasses just fucked my brother.. without HIR he will never get insurance.

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