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  •  It also can't be overstated (6+ / 0-)

    how damaging this election is to the traditional arguments made to justify the importance of Blue Dogs, DLC Third-Wayers.

    Half the losers are the biggest proponents of the idea that the only way to win is to tact to the "center", if by "the center" you mean "attacking the majority of the party from the Right".

    The Right didn't get the memo.

    The voters didn't either.

    Citizen's United will be deployed, using the same talking points and lies, against even the most rightwing of Conservative Democrat


    Attacking the left, refusing to vote for your parties agenda, decrying specific liberal pols. None of it will stop the Citizen's United Oligarchy Express from coming at you and taking you out.

    There is no tactical advantage to sandbagging and tearing down your own parties majority, it doesn't buy you any mercy or protection from the Teahad.

    •  If the tactic (5+ / 0-)

      of bashing the majority of the Democratic Party was a viable path to election, or had great appeal to the heartland voter who was not a die-hard Republican, then Stephanie Herseth-Sandlin, of all people, would have cruised to re-election.

      She was the most viable Blue Dog in Congress. Bar none. Smart. Beautiful. Great Speaker. Poised on camera an in front of a crowd. Willing to bash her own party at a moment's notice. Willing to decry and denounce policy and pols in her own circle at will.

      And she was toast. Done.

      She was as targeted as Barney Frank was. Her politics didn't mean a thing.

      She did everything the Third Way DLC Lanny Davis' of the political world tell you that you have to do to win away from more liberal districts.

      The problem is, nobody told the Teabaggers, or the Citizen's United Brigade that they were supposed to give Herseth-Sandlin a pass on the tsunami of lies and smears because she was willing to bash her own party with the best of them.

      •  Notice: (4+ / 0-)

        the tactic to try and shut up people pointing out that the Third Way Blue Dog DLC was a major fail in this election is to say "if you don't agree with me, you don't 'understand' elections/politics".

        It seems to me that the Blue Dogs being wiped out tells me that Blue Dogs don't understand Citizen's United and how it will be deployed, and how this is a game changer in American politics that was underplayed in 2010.

        What happens in 2012 will make Citizen's United in 2010 look like a walk in the park.

        There is no longer a valid Third Way DLC Blue Dog tactical argument. You get the same shiv that every other Democrat gets.

        If you vote for a Democrat as a leader, that's it, even if you oppose everything else the Democratic Party stands for or proposes, you are a "Marxist Radical" now.

        As "guilty" of socialism as Barney Frank and Nancy Pelosi.

        There is no triangulating your way out of a Movement Conservative beatdown.

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