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  •  Have you considered... (7+ / 0-)

    staying in Michigan and forming an alternative community?

    There are lots of properties in Michigan that can be had for little or no cost.  A few dollars and some sweat equity can make them habitable.  Do this with four or five similarly situated folks and you have a little community.

    I'm doing something similar in a neighboring state, so it's not a wild suggestion.

    •  Could you elucidate please? (4+ / 0-)

      I'm tired and my coffee hasn't kicked in yet so I'm not tracking straight.

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      by KVoimakas on Wed Nov 03, 2010 at 01:13:51 AM PDT

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      •  Buy cheap land.... (6+ / 0-)

        ....start a commune.

        The problem there is how do people support themselves.... that and personality conflicts are a huge reason intentional communities usually fall apart.  That and they're usually much too small.  When you only have four or five families.... losing one or two of them is enough to sink the community.

      •  Rather than accommodate... (3+ / 0-)
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        You're talking about moving out of Michigan because of the political climate.  I could really dig that if you were in Alabama or South Carolina.  But poor Michigan is like where I'm living.  People are swinging back and forth politically because they're desperate for some kind of solution.

        There's all kinds of very cheap housing available in MI.  A lot of it has had the copper stripped out, etc, but it can be picked up for 0 -5,000 and brought up to living condition for another 10,000 over time.  On top of that, those numbers often apply to two family houses so those costs can be shared.

        Speaking frankly, a lot of people are able to stay in houses where they are behind in their mortgages for 6-24 months.  They can save money during that time.  Instead of blowing it on some relatively plush rental and deposit, they could actually buy something and hold title free and clear (within the limits of the MERS age, LOL).  Of course, if they have creditors, they'll need to be sensible about the way they hold title.  Coops are a solution.

        If people can get together to do this, they can actually create alternative communities since housing is available in bulk in our Great Lakes cities.  Vacant lots can be used for raising food.  Families can re-assemble to save costs.  At least in cities, there is some public transit and higher ed available.

        Packaged right, even with Repugs in power at the state level, the possibility exists to package the whole thing as "self-help" to keep the thugs off.   And the local govs should be happy that anybody is willing to move into some of these neighborhoods and pay some real estate taxes.

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