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  •  Proud of team McAdams--the team with the (0+ / 0-)

    passion in it.

    If Haines and Skagway had their way, Scott McAdams would be our next Senator from Alaska.
    Haines: McAdams 37.5%, Write-ins 36%, Miller 26.5%
    Skagway: McAdams 40%, Write-ins 36%, Miller 24%

    It goes to show, it could have been done across the State.  It was doable.

    It's a big state, however, even for a big man.

    Scott ended having to run against Miller, Murkowski, the Tea Party, AFN's corporate endorsement, the establishment, defecting Democratic legislators, the lobbyists, corporately-held newspapers, the Division of Elections, and the Alaska Supreme Court.

    All that considered, all involved in this campaign, Scott McAdams, himself, especially, can hold their heads high.

    Alaska loves the McAdams family!!

    Lisa seems to be happy with her corporate coronation.

    Alaska let a great opportunity pass by for a great U.S. Senator.

    I'm hoping Team McAdams will stay connected to work for the best for Alaskans in many other ways in the future.

    We need to hold onto and build onto this awesome exciting network.

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