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  •  palpable solutions rather than political pabulum (2+ / 0-)
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    But the first set of leaders to offer palpable solutions rather than political pabulum to America's economic insecurities will be the ones who prevail.

    Respectfully, have to disagree. What this election looks like to me is that "political pabulum to America's economic insecurities" sells pretty well.

    I think yesterday's results had more to do with marketing than solutions, as expressed in the diary Don't Fool Yourself, Democrats. KNOW why you lost.

    As many people including Obama have pointed out, the Democrats did offer "palpable solutions" over the last two years, and put them in place - incremental, sure, but way better than the alternative. But those real results weren't marketed well, so people didn't understand their real benefits. If your boss doesn't know that you're good, when cutback time comes you get fired.

    Yesterday proved once again that good marketing trumps good products every time.

    Also notable, of course, is that they had a way bigger marketing budget than we did, which certainly does count in this game.

    •  Oh really? (0+ / 0-)

      incremental, sure, but way better than the alternative

      I would say that this election just put to rest any belief that Incrementalism works.

      What "alternative" do you mean?  Please explain.  Are you going to go with the "Obama is not a Dictator" memo?

      Cuz that dog don't hunt. Any.More.

      So I'd love to hear about this "alternative" that was so important to be avoided.

      Where have all the mainstream Republicans gone? Apparently they're working for the Democrats in DC.---James Kresnik

      by ohmyheck on Wed Nov 03, 2010 at 06:43:02 AM PDT

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      •  The alternative I meant was doing nothing (0+ / 0-)

        No stimulus vs half assed stimulus
        No health care insurance reform vs half assed etc
        No financial reform vs, well, almost no financial reform
        Hell, Obama lowered the deficit and lowered taxes

        Reread my first comment, I am not saying they did enough, certainly not enough for me anyway. I am saying that they did a lousy job of touting what they did actually do so as to fire up the vote. Also of not taking advantage of free gifts like the opportunity to end DADT recently, where all they had to do was ... nothing. And they didn't. Or depressing CA turnout by preemptively coming out against Prop 19, though we fortunately dodged that bullet.

        Speaking of which, it's been said before but worth saying again, want to boost Dem turnout for the next 5-10 years across the board? Push legal cannabis. It's dead obvious. But will we go there? Doubt it.

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