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View Diary: An Updated Agenda and A Look at Exits (Warning: VERY LONG) (46 comments)

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    •  Congrads on being rescued - some thoughts (0+ / 0-)

      Kinda like how Palpatine says that Naboo has to "accept Federation control for the time being" in Phantom Menace, I think Dems are going to have to accept offshore drilling and other oil drilling for the time being.  It's still popular, despite the Gulf oil disaster, and, frankly, we're still going to need oil until we can build up our renewable energy infrastructure.

      Ok, let me offer an alternative - nuclear.  I know there are more than a few people for who nuclear is a bad word, but if we were to offer up nuclear as a center piece of climate change, could the R's really fight that?  I am not convinced of it (but then, I am not convinced that the Dems can put the pieces in place to make this work).  

      2 other major political points, and one political point that is probably minor for most people (but personal for me)

      1.  I give a 60% that the House tries to shut the government down.  I am not convinced they'll succeed, but I don't rule it out.  I am curious as to your take.
      1.  I am curious as to what chance you give for an Obama impeachment attempt.  I'd say its at least 30%.  Again curious as to your numbers/take.

      And my third point - I worry what this will mean for Obama's NASA proposal.  It took such a hard hit over the past year, but at least some of it survived.  I worry that it'll get a lot worse

      •  Good point on nuclear (0+ / 0-)

        admittedly, that completely slipped my mind when writing this.  As you said, a lot of people will complain, but I think it is a viable alternative.  The main problem is to where to store the leftover crap.  I think that will need to be resolved if we a push for more nuclear is made.

        I actually think your 2nd question may partly depend on the 1st.

        I think a shutdown is possible - and I actually think it may come from the Senate, with people like Paul filibustering any non-balanced budget.  I also think there is a risk that they may not pass the raising of the debt ceiling, though I have a feeling that Boehnor and McConnell will knock enough sense into their freshman members to at least pass that.

        I think a partial government shutdown may indeed be posssible.  I think the big question is whether Obama will use the big tomale - military spending - as a chip or not, or whether they'll pass military spending but fight over the rest.

        As to the 2nd question, I think if the GOP feel that they're losing the battle - either they break on shutting down the government or, if they do shut it down, there is a severe backlash against them - then impeachment may become more prominent as the GOP desperately finds a way to tarnish Obama going into the 2012 elections.  I don't think they'll do it right away though.

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