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View Diary: An Updated Agenda and A Look at Exits (Warning: VERY LONG) (46 comments)

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  •  Good point on nuclear (0+ / 0-)

    admittedly, that completely slipped my mind when writing this.  As you said, a lot of people will complain, but I think it is a viable alternative.  The main problem is to where to store the leftover crap.  I think that will need to be resolved if we a push for more nuclear is made.

    I actually think your 2nd question may partly depend on the 1st.

    I think a shutdown is possible - and I actually think it may come from the Senate, with people like Paul filibustering any non-balanced budget.  I also think there is a risk that they may not pass the raising of the debt ceiling, though I have a feeling that Boehnor and McConnell will knock enough sense into their freshman members to at least pass that.

    I think a partial government shutdown may indeed be posssible.  I think the big question is whether Obama will use the big tomale - military spending - as a chip or not, or whether they'll pass military spending but fight over the rest.

    As to the 2nd question, I think if the GOP feel that they're losing the battle - either they break on shutting down the government or, if they do shut it down, there is a severe backlash against them - then impeachment may become more prominent as the GOP desperately finds a way to tarnish Obama going into the 2012 elections.  I don't think they'll do it right away though.

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