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View Diary: Progressives Caucus remains intact, becomes a plurality of House Dems (292 comments)

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  •  Silver Lining? (2+ / 0-)
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    FreeStateDem, erush1345

    Some of the defeated conservative Democrats were bad apples, but I don't think you can apply an ideological label across the board to bad actors.  In some of these districts, the only reasonable possibility of victory is with a more conservative Democratic candidate.

    How you define Democratic conservative is of course somewhat subjective.  On DKOS and other liberal websites, you routinely hear epiteths like "fascist scumbag" hurled at Democrats who deviate from one liberal orthodoxy or another, even if they are better than what would replace them.  You head over to the right wing websites, and these very same conservative Democratic members are under attack as crypto-Socialists.

    This has made me very wary of both labels and also litmus-testing ideological movements.  Even where you have "red lines" e.g. pro-Choice versus pro-Life, you currently have a number of Democrats who are in the minority position on the issue (e.g. pro-life Senator Casey in PA) who are otherwise on your side.

    A powerless House minority is a powerless House minority, no matter how ideologically pure the remnants are.  Conversely, a majority is infinitely to be preferred, even if it means holding one's nose from time to time.

    So...I see no silver lining here.  A jihad against moderate and conservative Democrats will consign ourselves to minority status for decades.

    People used to say in the 1980's it was good Reagan stomped Carter and Mondale as it would bring La Revolucion that much closer.  

    We should know better the hollowness of such thinking.

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