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View Diary: GOP captures 30% of voters who want more spending to create jobs (368 comments)

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    at some point you have to call people what they are. fucking idiots. the GOP has great messaging don't they? no new taxes, no spending, blah blah blah. So after seeing their message these people STILL think the GOP is going to do the right thing? Gullible fools.

    yeah and liberals SUCK TOO! the label is used to smear Democrats. you're stereotyped as whiny, girly, weak granola eating tree huggers and only 20% of Americans identify themselves as liberals. So please don't preach to the Democrats about bad messaging.

    Would it be right to say you SUCK and Liberals SUCK and their messaging SUCKS because you have not yet gotten rid of DADT, DOMA and prop 8 and 19 (9?) failed? No I can't do that because when libs fall short its the electorates fault. when Dems fall short its their fault.

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