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View Diary: GOP captures 30% of voters who want more spending to create jobs (368 comments)

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    I'd point out that 30% against us means 70% with us- that's a strong majority. I've seen less logical voting stats than that. Emotion, misinformation etc could account for much of the rest, as others have said, but another consideration is priorities; those 30% may have liked spending from Democrats, but voted GOP for other reasons. No one can ever cast a fully satisifed ballot in a democracy, and when you hate both parties, it makes it all the harder to make justified decisions.

    But I understand the point; even when the overwhelming majority vote for the conventional wisdom, you sometimes wonder why it's not even more. In the exits for the WI-Sen race, there was a question of whether voters were expressing support (27%) or opposition (34%) for Obama with their votes (or neither, which was the plurality at 37%). As you'd expect, the Johnson voters were 96% opposition and 4% support, the Feingold voters were 98% support and 2% oppose. Statistically insignificant as it is, I still couldn't get my head round how even 4% of 34% of 2 million Wisconsinites thought voting for Johnson would somehow help Obama. I know that 30% of the pro-spenders is statistically much more significant, but it's the same sort of thing and you just have to let it go, before it drives you off the deep end.

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