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View Diary: GOP captures 30% of voters who want more spending to create jobs (368 comments)

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  •  I guess I recall things differntly (8+ / 0-)

    During his campaign he said he would end combat operations in Iraq....that happened.

    He said he would focus on Afghanistan and send moer troops there, he did. Even if we disagree with him on that and the amount of troops, he did say there would be a big focus on Afghanistan during the campaign.

    He said he wanted to pass healthcare reform, he did if was not exactly what he hoped to get passed or what we wanted to see pass.

    He said he would get Hate Crimes Legislation passed and he did.

    He said he would give a tax cut to the middle class. He did that. I wish it were larger so people would notice but he did that.

    Granted, he has stalled on a few things from the campaign..true.

    But several things he said he would do or try to do during the campaign, he has done at least part of it.

    The problem was I heard no Democratic candidate talking about ending combat operations in Iraq, the good things about HCR, and that Obama cut taxes for the middle class.

    I think think Democrats did not brag enough about the things they DID do and let the GOP frame it all plus the MSM and Rove's corporate funding ads.

    •  True, all true (4+ / 0-)

      but I think it's obvious that many of the people who voted last Tuesday voted in pretty appalling ignorance of the actual facts, like the anecdote about the woman who was voting against Russ Feingold because of his vote for TARP (sic):

      How many were angry at Obama for raising their taxes (sic)? Or "government run" health care (sic)? Or a host of other things that are counterfactual?

      Voting for a Republican because you want more government spending to create jobs is just part of this phenomenom. Like voting for more Republicans in Congress because you want the two parties to compromise and work together. Sure.

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