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View Diary: GOP captures 30% of voters who want more spending to create jobs (368 comments)

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  •  I think this is exactly it (2+ / 0-)
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    soccergrandmom, PorridgeGun

    Most of my family are independents. They all voted for Obama because they liked what he was saying during the campaign. When he got into office and didn't do any of the things he spoke so eloquently about they concluded that he was just a another politician willing to say anything to get elected. Now they want to punish him for lying to them.

    •  well, I guess that is where we divert. (5+ / 0-)

      I believe that all campaigns are about candidates explaining their vision to an electorate who have the obligation to choose between competing visions.

      That is why I KNOW there is a wide abyss between hoping and doing. I do not believe that President Obama lied at all, he explained what his vision was. The najority of the people chose it over Clinton and McCain.

      If the electorate is that ignorant of the balance if power in the American political system they believe that the winning candidate can just impose his vision over everyone else's vision then they don't understand the checks and balances built in to the system.

      If anyone is to blame it is the electorate for their abysmal ignorance of the realities and very complex system. But that is the beauty of the system, basically it runs on that ignorance and gives the people the right to rectify their mistakes every two years.

      If the Republicans don't fulfill their promises they will suffer the same fate as the Democrats did this cycle. Maybe? maybe not!!

      •  Probably not. (2+ / 0-)
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        soccergrandmom, Imhotepsings

        If the Republicans don't fulfill their promises they will suffer the same fate as the Democrats did this cycle. Maybe? maybe not!!

        They blamed this economy entirely on Obama. Like the poster says, with a picture of George W. Bush: "I Screwed You. Thanks For Blaming It On The Black Guy."

        They'll blame any bad economy over the next two years on "obstructionism by the black guy." And Americans will say "okay, we think we can bend a little further forwards."

        •  you are probably right. (1+ / 0-)
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          Because actually i do think the underlying rivers of resentment in this election cycle is very cultural and racial and social and that's is not going away any time soon.

          •  then democrats need to promote their own culture (2+ / 0-)
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            wishingwell, isabelle hayes

            The Tea party is behind the cultural war. And by one's "own", I mean the one that's more integrated, not segregated and monolithic like GOP/TP.

            •  Democrats need to shore up their coalition. (1+ / 0-)
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              Demographic trends go in the right direction for a coalition based largely on non-white votes, women, LGBT, and younger voters, and Republican victories that have a racist, homophobic component will help with that. But Democrats need to actually deliver, or at least TRY to deliver, on the issues that affect those groups. They haven't been doing that effectively.

              •  shore up includes getting more green/indep votes (0+ / 0-)

                Harry Reid got the Latino vote, and Nate Silver/538 predicted him an 85% chance at losing. At least he knows how to find the support of minorities.

                Not only that, but the Democrats need to deliver on jobs, because voters are under the impression that Republicans will help them with that. They need to show where they brought the jobs. The renewable energy sector, IMO, deserves one big grant for CCP/PWA to provide those jobs.

                •  I would agree with that. (3+ / 0-)

                  The group that concerns me the most right now is educated whites (which, I would remind everyone, includes a lot of young people). They should be a natural fit for the Dems, but a lot of younger, college-educated people are seriously underemployed or unemployed right now. That's a bad problem that needs to be addressed if we want to keep them voting Democratic. The green jobs thing can help with that, but that's only part of the solution. We need to work on some of the deeper, fundamental issues with the American economy in order to help these people. Outsourcing policies would be a good place to start.

                  •  And by "concerns"... (1+ / 0-)
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                    what I mean is that they're a group we could be in danger of losing for economic reasons.

                    •  The educated whites were certainly pivotal (0+ / 0-)
                       in electing democrats in 2008. In the midterms, the young were the only demographic that had voted democratic as a majority. So, I almost consider them a base. In addition to that, I would like to see more of the 29-40 age group also vote Democratic. That and older is much harder, but tthe first Baby Boomers are there retiring (1945-2010=65), and it's possible with that extra free-time from discrimination against hiring the elderly for insurance reasons, Republicans will try to court the old demographics with something similar to what Bush did in 2002 with his Medicare Prescription Plan. The Republican base (not the tea party) might not try to repeal the health-care, but rather they'll emphasize what they will do for existing Medicare plans.

                      Other obstacles will be redistricting/gerrymandering (just mentioned on PBS tonight-needing possibly an equivalent of 45 House votes over 30 to take over the House) which will require more attention to updates on demographics for getting those minority votes, and doing the best democrats can in face of being out-funded by anonymous donors.

    •  He didn't do ANY of the things... (3+ / 0-)
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      cato, soccergrandmom, Imhotepsings

      He said he'd do??

      In order not to believe in evolution you must either be ignorant, stupid or insane-- Richard Dawkins

      by sandav on Thu Nov 04, 2010 at 10:08:30 AM PDT

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    •  Your family makes no sense to me (3+ / 0-)

      a.  what did they like in the campaign that Obama lied about?
      b.  why did they think Republicans would deliver what Obama promised and failed to deliver?

      Sorry, I just think it's way more likely that voters are very misinformed and so voted for the party whose agenda is overtly against what these voters say they want.

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