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View Diary: GOP captures 30% of voters who want more spending to create jobs (368 comments)

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  •  Election is about unemployment (1+ / 0-)
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    Tom Taaffe

    This election is about unemployment and taxes.  The wealthy wanted to extend their tax cuts.   The middle class is frustrated about high unemployment and slow job growth.  If the incumbents in Congress won't do anything then vote for someone else.   Not logical based on the issues but most voters don't get deeply involved in economic details.   If the unemployment rate was 6% we would still have Speaker Pelosi.

    •  30-40% of America is in economic trouble (0+ / 0-)

      Obama can barely use the word 'poor' in a sentence. While the Republicans built their coalition around the phrase 'working people', Democrats built it around the phrase 'middle class'.

      But the lower end of what we used to call the middle class is rapidly becoming 'nonworking poor'.

      Our unemployed/underemployed population is far greater than the 9.6% rate popularly touted. Its greater than even the U6 number of about 17%, because millions of people are not counted in any of these statistics, including farm workers, unemployed spouses, people who fled to school to survive on student loans, real estate agents, salesmen, failed business owners and a host of job categories that have been turned from 'employee' to 'contractor', like couriers, truck drivers, IT researchers and technician. It includes all those economically marginal people who scrape around the edges of the economy doing handyman work or using their car to deliver papers, make deliveries, etc.

      Our poverty statistics - based on three times a thrifty basket of food - is so absurd that a single person is not poor unless they make less than 11,000. But working 35 hours a week at minimum wage, you will gross 13,000 and change.

      Yet you need to earn more than twice that wage to rent an apartment anywhere in the country and three times the minimum wage to rent a studio apartment in any of our cities.

      We are really looking at 30-40% of the population is in deep economic trouble, if not dealing with economic ruin.

      This is the source of the anger. An anger made worse by this administration's callous neglect of their situation. Bad enough news for a Republican administration. But for Democrats, that's fatal.

      This party got off light on tuesday. The result could have been a lot worse.

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