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  •  Beyond just pure ignorance . . . (4+ / 0-)

    part of the equation is that sales and marketing techniques have become pretty sophisticated.  If you have massive sums of money you can move the dial quite a bit with a well-targeted message using mass media.  Some of these messages too: "government always bad, 'free market' always good" have been hammered into the minds of people over the course of decades.  

    The other side of this is that it is hard sometimes to see what the other hand is doing.  

    Even people who have basic knowledge of government -- and who may even be able to tell you who the players are and what the branches of government are and do -- might not understand some of the arcane legislative procedures, or the principles of Kenynesian economics (or if they know Keynesian economics they may only know that it's something that they shouldn't trust).  Heck, there are even some economists these days who don't seem to believe in a concept like the Paradox of Thrift.  

    What really confounds me is that a person like John Kasich in Ohio who worked on Wall Street in the 2000s could actually win an election in Ohio in this political climate; the same with a DC lobbyist like Pat Toomey; or a Medicare Fraudster like Rick Scott in Florida (that one is a real mind-bender -- his company was found to have swindled taxpayers out of over $1 billion in payments and he had to pay some huge fines as a result -- yet he STILL won election in Florida).  In what kind of universe do people like that get elected to office?

    I could understand an investment banker getting into office more than 4 years ago, but in this environment?  It's really quite amazing.  Historians are going to look back at this election cycle and it is going to make them either laugh, or cry (for humanity).  It's amazing how much elections are simply a referendum on economic performance without much regard for causes or solutions.  

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