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View Diary: Mr. President, Will You Work With The Opposition To Bring About Your Own Demise? (43 comments)

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    Mr. President, we are waiting. We did not hear in your recent remarks any sense of regret at having marginalized and let down so many of your most ardent supporters. We did not hear a willingness to reconsider the wisdom of sending out minions on hippie-punching errands. We have been tough on shortcomings in your policies, but we have been staunch supporters nevertheless

    ...a dumber speech Obama could have given yesterday than the one you apparently wanted to hear.  Especially if you just look at the actual numbers, none of the things you're talking about had anything to do with the outcome of the election.

    Dear Wall Street: If you want to stop feeling like a piñata, stop stuffing yourself with our f#@$ing candy.

    by TooFolkGR on Thu Nov 04, 2010 at 09:02:27 AM PDT

    •  Youth vote did not turn up (3+ / 0-)
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      neroden, CuriousBoston, hardhatmama

      nor was there an effort to get it to turn out. Where were the concerts, the 30-minute informercials from the President to keep the youth vote involved? They weren't attempted because that demographic had already been demoralized by gutless compromise over gutless compromise enacted in direct contravention to their interests. Popular policies are a great way to motivate turn-out. White House has avoided populist policy making like the plague.

      It is ridiculous to suggest that people voted for Republicans because of issues like jobs and deficits, or any of that other claptrap. The Republican policies in those areas are pathetic and ridiculous on their face. Taxes? Give me a break. Republican policies are demonstrated to be unpopular. Republicans are relying on fear and lies, and they are relying on a demoralized opposition. The latter part is where I think Obama has an obligation to address his own contribution to how bad it's gotten.

      Lemme suggest something to you. When Mitch McConnell speaks he speaks directly to his constituency, who are the wealthy donors that lubricate the patronage machine at which he is installed at the head. Which constituency is Barack Obama currently speaking to, because I swear to God I don't have any idea.

      •  they turned out as much as they ever do (2+ / 0-)
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        neroden, Grumpy Young Man

        for midterm elections.

        the so-called "independents" flipped by about 40 points. because these are low-information voters, e.g. they wanted to stop the bailout but can't remember who is actually responsible for the bailout.

        41 million Americans on food stamps. So let's help bankers moar.

        by tiggers thotful spot on Thu Nov 04, 2010 at 09:21:26 AM PDT

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