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View Diary: Election Diary Rescue 2010 (11/4 - Election Aftermath - Day 2) (15 comments)

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    i'm getting sick and tired of listening to losers point fingers of blame back and forth at each other for the last couple days

    yeah, a lot of people lost this election

    but a lot of us fucking won this election and i think maybe the losers should shut the fuck up for a bit and let the winners offer some fucking advice about how to win a goddamn election

    especially those of us in close purple races.

    while the rest of the democrats were getting their asses handed to them we were kicking asses

    we should be the ones talking about how to move forward instead of the folks who got blown out and can't point a finger at someone else fast enough

    We live in hard time. Not end times. - Jon Stewart

    by bluefaction on Thu Nov 04, 2010 at 08:05:31 PM PDT

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