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View Diary: Will Fox News Be Happy When George Soros Is Murdered? (311 comments)

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  •  Yes, I am doing it now. (2+ / 0-)
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    kevin k, No one gets out alive

    I wonder if it will be printed as I am not a subscriber.  I don't think that matters, I buy it occasionally.  The points I will make are 1.  Death threats in comments, 2. Fox has already gotten people to commit crimes.  3. Soros gives to r's and d's,  4.  Fox is owned by foriegners...Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal and Murdoch who only gained cirtizenship in order to play the game of media manipulation.  Conclusion will include the thought that Fox watchers are being manipulated by a foreign entity who is making money hand over fist and taking the spoils out of our country and will say something about the irony of Fox being owned by a Muslim and having a hand in the manipulation of a population that hates him.

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      Nowhere Man, tobendaro

      Keep it to 200 to 300 words.

      Try 1, 2, & come to a conclusion.  And if the paper subscribes to one of the nut-house columnists, point out the connection.  

      •  Gawd (3+ / 0-)
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        zozie, IL clb, Forward is D not R

        You want me to read the actual op-ed page?:)  I know I have to keep it short, they edit it and that pisses me off.
        Rough draft,

        Murdoch vs Soros.

        Why does Rupert Murdoch want George Soros murdered?   Fox news is putting out a signal to their right wing goons that it is open season on George Soros.  Apparently one of Fox’s hosts will broadcast a show titled  "D-Day  for George Soros,   an especially egregiuos title considering Mr. Soros escaped the Nazi’s during World War II at the age of 14.  Some of the lies being spouted about Mr Soros are that he is dangerous and mysterious.  Is he more mysterious than Saudi prince Alwaleed bin Talal, the second biggest shareholder of Fox next to Rupert Murdoch?  Mr Soros has given large amounts of money to Open Society Institute.  This organization promotes democracy and human rights around the world.  Oh No! What a horrible man!  George Soros is dedicated to never allowing fascism to gain a foothold in the world again.  Oh dear, could that be a clue as to why Mr. Murdoch wants to take him out?   Fox Nation has published extreme comments that threaten Soros’s life showing us that this news entity is a threat to America.  George Soros is a philanthropic American being threatened by Fox News, a foreign owned media conglomerate.   Reason Fox is doing this?   Maybe to keep eyes off the Koch brothers fortune that has gone to manipulating our election with tainted money?  Just a thought.

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