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View Diary: Luck be damned. This is about work. (18 comments)

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  •  excellent diary, thanks. My ex-home state of CO (4+ / 0-)
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    ybruti, TexMex, juliewolf, Ana Thema

    can tell a fairly decent story of hard work this time: although they lost 2 red-district house dems, and lost their narrow majority in the state house, they kept their open Gov seat, kept the state senate and kept an appointee senator (michael bennet) in office, while turning back several odious statewide initiatives.  Fairly impressive considering outcomes almost everywhere else between the Coasts -- and considering that CO only started trending blue in 06...

    And again, it was mostly work, with only a small assist from luck in the form of teabag craziness on the other side.  

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