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View Diary: California, Colorado, Nevada Latinos crush GOP (188 comments)

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  •  Rick Perry is a W style Repub (1+ / 0-)
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    to most people in Texas.  

    Most are not aware of his new Tea Party stylings.  And of course he's not going to adopt overt race-baiting tactics.

    •  Perry IS a W style repub (1+ / 0-)
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      He was W's lieutenant gov, after all. Perry's Texas Big Oil/Big Business GOP through and through. They made him. So until someone writing a bigger check comes along, he's still theirs. Problem is, the Tea Party just might be able to write him a bigger check in the coming two years.

      Perry's been in office well before the Tea Party. He has had to pander the mainstream of the GOP like W did. So far, he only panders to the Tea Party when it's advantageous to him and he's not overstepping his previous loyalties, but the problem is, that makes him more unpredictable. He's like W that way--he'll walk whatever fine line he needs to court potential donors whiling saving face with his present donors.  

      Perry will never be a real TPer, for better or worse. Texas big business holds too many shares of his soul. But he's a career waffle--he stays around by keeping his positions up for sale. That's how the religious right here has been able to gain so much influence on our Board of Education--they essentially bought that influence via Perry and his appointments. So if he's pressured by the right people with the right amount of money, he could do some race-baiting, or more likely, appointment a few race-baiters so he doesn't have to scar his public image as Texas Mascot. He's already hinted at supporting a law like AZ's SB 1070, because there's people around him who are pressuring for that--possibly people with business interest that could profit from it somehow. All we need if for one of those people to be appointed to a position where they can draw up the bill.

      (-8.50, -7.64) Conan's back this week! On TBS, weeknights 11/10c! Suck it, NBC!!!

      by croyal on Mon Nov 08, 2010 at 09:57:57 AM PST

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