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View Diary: Creating the story of President Obama's $200 million a day trip (223 comments)

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  •  The WH did refute it (6+ / 0-)

    A Pentagon spokesperson had a briefing and said it was absurd and a few other choice adjectives.  Dan Pfieffer (sp?) also issued a statement.

    What is really galling is that Beck and Limbaugh and such as such cowards.  They throw their bombs from their bunkers (Rush in his basement studio surrounded by his pills) and are afraid to speak to anyone with a dissenting viewpoint.  They know they can't defend their lies.  So, as Rachel pointed out, they just talk to each other and let the stupid so-called media pick up the garbage.

    And this is an example of why the President can't get his message out -- the media buries it.  I loathe them.

    •  You know what I would like to (1+ / 0-)
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      see, the President of the United States holding an emergency press conference to call out the lying motherfuckers who do this crap. Get it out there once and for all. Why continue pretending that the American people know who is "telling the truth". How long before the White House, the Dems in general, realize that the Right Wing Noise Machine is absolutely destroying them? Take the fight to the bastards and quit pussy-footing around with it! What is so hard to understand about this? In the "private' world, these bastards would be sued for libel/slander.

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