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  •  Good grief! I wanna puke! (0+ / 0-)

    Pelosi? Shuler? Yeah, yeah, I know: No one else has expressed any interest. How about Dennis Kucinich or Anthony Wiener?

    Pelosi and Obama are progressives only as measured by corporation-friendly pundits. The last two years they made me so sick I wanted to leave the country. Bush and Cheney and Repuglycans like Boehner and McConnell get power--steal it, even--and they use it. Surely, they use it to crush the middle-class and destroy everything that is good about America, but they don't pussy-foot around like our lame leaders. Progressive is as you do, not as you say.

    Bush stole the presidency and he got two wars, not one!

    Obama won decisively and we got what? More health insurance? Are you kidding me? And the so-called progressive House Leader enables that crap of a bill instead of saying "no public option, no vote?" A financial recovery plan authored by Geithner and Summers, who managed to piss off every unemployed, underwater American while helping a Republican constituency? A surge in Afghanistan? A president who challenges the repeal of DADT at every step of the way? Give me a freakin' break!!!

    I don't care. Let any one of these lames pretenders enjoy the next 10 years as House Minority Leader.

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