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    The GOP takeover started in 1978 and it was a long, steady march.  We have been getting our ass kicked from the top down since the 80s.  The only time we've won the governorship since fucking Carter was

    1.  Happened to be a depression

    2.  Ann Richards needed to run against a god damned Cromagnon man who admitted he didn't pay taxes, wouldn't shake a woman's hand, and told folks that bad weather is like rape: if it's inevitable, sit back and enjoy it.  

    And she still won a nailbiter.

    Most of those Democrats would have been Republicans in other states.  The most powerful Democrat in our state in the late 80s and through the first half of the 90s loved George Bush and made him a star.  He had previously done everything he could to beat Ann Richards.

    We've lost every statewide election since 1996.

    We haven't held the Texas Senate since 1994.

    We haven't held the Governor's mansion since 1994.

    We lost House seats every year from 1990-2002

    Let's look at the overall, top of the ticket performance:

    1978 -- Republican Bill Clements wins Gov. in upset

    1980  -- Reagan in a landslide

    1982 -- Democrat Mark White wins Gov.; Bentsen re-elected to U.S. Senate

    1984 -- Reagan in a walk; Gramm wins U.S. Senate seat

    1986 -- Clements defeats White

    1988 -- Bush I carries state; Bentsen re-elected to U.S. Senate

    1990 -- Richards wins squeaker; Gramm romps

    1992 -- Bush I over Clinton (narrow race because Perot takes 22 percent of the vote

    1994 -- Bush II defeats Richards; Hutchison wins Bentsen seat in a romp.  Democrats told "we've hit rock bottom"

    1996 -- Dole beats Clinton; Dems lose every statewide race; dems told "we've hit rock bottom"

    1998 -- Bush II wins in uber ass-kicking; Dems again lose every statewide race; Dems told "we came close, doing better"

    2000 -- Bush II drubs Gore

    2002 -- Perry destroys $71 million Sanchez, who outspent him; Dems find yet another "rock bottom"; John Cornyn stomps Ron Kirk, our best hope

    2004 -- Bush II stomps John Kerry

    We suck.  The same fuck ups who have accumulated this unparalleled record of achievement still make the decisions and run the big campaigns.  There is still no real plan to to anything, just more wheel-spinning and ass-covering.  Everyone is still waiting for that Hispanic wave to roll in and sweep us to victory, even though the share of the GOP vote among Hispanics keeps going up.  Of course, when you don't actually give them a reason to vote for you, what do you expect?

    This state is a red cess pool and will be for at least 20 more years because no one wants to do teh grunt work to actually make change.  No one wants to put their neck on the block and face the machine.

    "We'd never win if we played fair." Newt Gingrich

    by Velvet Revolution on Fri Feb 11, 2005 at 06:14:31 PM PST

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    •  I don't agree but I am too tired to respond (none)
      appropriatly. Those days starting at 5:00 a.m. are getting to me. If you can wait untill Sat. I will respond.

      However, while i disagree with some of your interpretations, i respect the fact that you bothered to collect facts to detail your response.
      This is the kind of response I can respect.

      More when I'm more awake.

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