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View Diary: FAA Daily Intelligence Reports Identified al-Qaeda Threat (238 comments)

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  •  This is a good comment (4.00)
    Don't laugh.  It's precisely the rationale they use for all their incredible constant lying.

    They really do think they're the only ones fit to rule and they truly think of citzens as children.  I'm sure there was a quote from Bush last year or some administration official who referred to citizens as children.

    According them it's perfectly good and necessary to be a rank fucking scumbag liar, for only they know the country's welfare well enough to let the real truth out.

    I have never, ever seen anything like it.  They lie so brazenly the fucking press corps just assumes why, gosh, no one could ever tell a lie that big.

    It's got to stop.  For the love of God, the press won't even call Bush a plain liar.  This country has gone to the dogs.

    •  Wasn't that (4.00)
      Leo Strauss's whole point? The people must be ruled and lying is just part of a good leaders arsenal.
      •  No one really knows what that asshole thought (none)
        The only thing his ardent supporters can tell you is that lying and obfuscation are good.

        Try reading that idiot sometime.  God it's all over the place, and a lot of content is deliberately hidden or an outright lie.

        His supporters pore over his work constantly, looking for clues as to what it really means.  It's sickening and it's no wonder that felon Bush would make Strauss a hero.

        •  Wasn't (none)
          he also a "Religion is the opiate of the masses and that's a GOOD thing!" kind of guy?

          This administration feeds us fear, patriotism and God like it was crack.

          Marc Maron has it right "Christo-Fascist Zombie Brigade" indeed.

    •  And those that buy the Bush bullshit (none)
      are little better then children.

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