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View Diary: FAA Daily Intelligence Reports Identified al-Qaeda Threat (238 comments)

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  •  I'm disgusted. Just now being treated to (none)
    a special on Sec Rice on NPR. I can't remember seeing this much of Colin Powell. Why do you think she is being given this star treatment? Everywhere she goes, every statement she makes gets lead story status. How exquisite the timing of her trip was, how much stature she has, How she's an intellectual, up every morning at 5:00 to exercise, so energrtic. .....bla bla bla. Sick of her lies. If we could get her on the lies, I would be happy. I wish Armitage, Colin's deputy would have gotten the job. I'm getting sick here people.
    •  Sorry meant PBS' Lehrer show. whatever it's called (none)
    •  I really hear that gandalf... (none)
      we are document the end of the americaq as we know it, throw out all your old paradigms about your future. At 51 after 12 years of intensive study of our foreign policy, intelligence history, and political machinations, and with all the incredible documentation of whats happening now; we are seeing an all out propaganda war to
      convince americans that everything is politics as usual. Big story, not as usual...dems are totally
      neutered and too scared to tell us that our government is out of control. To understand I recommend just to start "confessions of an economic hitman" john perkins
      "the debt threat" noreena hertz
      and for a very interesting big picture
      "collapse" by jared diamond
    •  Armitage: Bad Guy (none)

      Armitage was heavily involved in Iran-Contra, and indeed he seems to be the head of drug-smuggling operations for Amerikills(TM).

      NOT a nice fellow.

      "I did not like fascists when I fought them as a diplomat . . . and I don't like them now in my own country." (Joe Wilson)

      by proudtinfoilhat on Fri Feb 11, 2005 at 06:06:31 PM PST

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