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    Welcome to the bush news channel!!! In a separate but equally disturbing vein, the news tonight was a total bush puff piece. Lets look at the sharansky twaddle that's such news...the self-annointed president claims to have read a book. well, that would be news if his claims had any more credibility than ANYthing else he pronounces. The germ of indiscretion was in sharanskys explanation that he posited that democracies were better to deal with than dictators. But he hasn't yet acknowledged that we are no longer a democracy; we are in fact in the transition to tyrannical facism and so sharanskys theory no longer applies to what was once the us of a. Everything that bush says can in fact be argued to apply to himself, that is the magnificence of this cults big lie. So when he says we cannot allow tyranny to thrive he is in fact establishing the basis for it here. Now a major piece of anticonsumer protection rewriting which was in fact correctly called a test case to see if they could buy enough democrats to pass an immoral law. Now they know that social security is a goner. The elites will continue to sweep up the crumbs of empire while propping up the stock market with the spare change of social security. I predict it will prop up the market for 8-10 months before the big boys will pull a joseph kennedy and exit the market, leading to a financial panic at which point the president will declare martial law 'to protect the government' from us. Conveniently most of our troops will be in IRAN so they couldn't side with the people even if they were to come to their senses and recognize the problem. Sadly much of the core problem lies in the "loyal opposition...that is those democrats, which is almost all of them, who pick at the margins of criticism but refuse to address the crisis...that they have become irrelevant and there are no longer any checks and balances and the courts are on-board to give their stamp of approval to anything because they are scared shet less.

    by christopher - Friday February 11, 2005 07:09

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