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View Diary: FAA Daily Intelligence Reports Identified al-Qaeda Threat (238 comments)

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  •  Karma (none) may not be before 2006, or 2008, but I have to believe at some point people that care so little about human life, that care so little about the truth, that treat their fellow countrymen and women with such disregard -- at some point, it has to catch up with them.

    When it does, I hope it's in public, in plain sight of everyone.

    You have to believe you cannot act like they do and get away with it. We know the truth, and it HAS to catch up with them at some point.

    That's all I got. It may be weak...but what else can ya do?

    •  It's better than what I've got (none)
      ...which seems to alternate between rage and despair.

      Although contributing to the Dean-led DNC yesterday did cheer me up some. I'm hoping Dr. Dean, Sen. Reid et al will finally help people see some light.

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