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  •  I cracked up at your line, (1+ / 0-)
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    Thought I was going to Harvard, but it was Hayward (Cal State).

    But seriously, this is a R E A L L Y well written diary and a really valuable perspective.

    You've hit the nail on the head for me as to why I had to come back to the US after fleeing for a few years. It's the lack of mobility in careers and choices. If you're certified as a brick layer, you can't do painting. Or whatever. I presented CVs that said I did Sales and Marketing, until someone finally said that was impossible - you do Sales OR Marketing. The two do not work together. My husband, known for his extraordinary homebuilding in the US, was not allowed to work because he has none of the certificates needed....

    We are blessed in the US with extreme opportunity. Now, if only we can realize that everyone in this country deserves good health and fair chances.

    Anyway, thanks for this - nicely expressed and seriously uplifting.

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