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    that a critical factor in terms of the school performance of Black youth is the mindset of the teacher in terms of expectations.

    Completely agree!  I won't even recount the number of times as a CHILD, I had to push back on racist assumptions.  

    (a thesis he admitted was developed at a time when the Democratic party had concluded that the larger white electorate was sick of hearing about Black folks' problems and didn't want to do anything more to address the issues their racism created, particularly in the ghetto.)

    I did not know that...thank you for the enlightenment!  

    We gave up our own schools where our people were teaching our own children in favor of the "integration boondoggle."

    Indeed, after the Civil War, the Freedman's Bureau and other groups that came to educate the freed slaves found hundreds of underground, already established schools in the South.  This under the penalty of death.  Don't tell me my people don't value education!  

    I even understand the motivations of those who are busy chasing the charter school myth in light of that - anything to try and help our kids and if those places have more money, well then.

    Guilty, lol!  Yes, I'm desparate because I know our kids can excel.  I know it!  I'm for anything that opens up more seats in better schools.  

    the most important factor whether students succeed is not their skincolor or their ZIP code or their parents' income - it is the quality of their teacher

    by princss6 on Tue Nov 09, 2010 at 07:46:58 AM PST

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