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  •  The problem is, she didn't cause the (1+ / 0-)
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    mess, but she is being punished with extra training sessions, losing the yield spread payments they relied on, even though it was only a quarter of a percent for them, not the 2, 3 or 5% other, less honest, brokers were taking.  It will cut into their legal and above board business.

    Just like the rest of us that follow the rules and get screwed, the same thing is happening to good, honest businesspeople because of the fucked up excesses of the bad.

    And, personally, I despise loopholes.  Write a fucking law and make EVERYONE live by it.  3/4 of our problems disappear as soon as we do that.

    •  Here's the problem: You can't force people to be (0+ / 0-)

      honest, moral or ethical. You can only pass laws that are punitive, and set up regulations to try to protect society and consumers from those who refuse to be honest, moral or ethical. Laws and regulations have to apply to everyone, or they do not good.

      Your friend may be honest, moral and ethical, but just like the rest of us she has to live within the framework of the laws and regulations that are created to contain and punish the dishonesty, immorality and unethical behavior that is natural to human nature.

      Regulations will always seem "burdensome" to those they apply to. Those who understand the need for them will seldom find them unbearable; those who don't understand, or who are the type of person they were meant to contain, will chafe and demand they be removed "before they choke business."

      I feel bad your friend finds her job complicated; but mine was complicated by Sarbanes-Oxley, because the software I write became more complex. Yet, I will not apologize or complain because of either, for without them we will go down the same road again.

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