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    Judge Katharine T. Sullivan
    Phone: 970 328-8550
    Fax: 970 328-6328

    Eagle County Judge  Honorable Katharine T. Sullivan

    Judge Sullivan received her undergraduate degree from Syracuse University in 1988, and her law degree from George Washington University in 1995.  After Judge Sullivan served as an assistant attorney general in New York State, she relocated to Colorado where she served as a deputy district attorney in the Ninth Judicial District.

    Online Petition Text: Protect all users of the road. Don't drop felony charges against Martin Joel Erzinger

    Dear Mr. Hurlbert

    Traffic laws exist to motivate all drivers to act in a manner that is safe for other users of the road, including pedestrians, cyclists, and other drivers. To those of us who rely on bicycles for transportation and recreation, enforcement of laws that ensure our safety on the road is vital.

    The enforcement of traffic laws should not differ depending on a driver's ability to write a check, but rather on the ability of the law to motivate drivers to drive safely. What Martin Joel Erzinger is accused of doing is clearly criminal, but dropping felony charges will set a message to drivers that the penalties for neglecting the welfare of others on the road, causing life-altering injury, and showing no concern for the victim might not be as serious as the law indicates.

    While Martin Joel Erzinger would like to write a few checks and move on with his life, we must ensure that actions such as his are punished to the full extent of the law. Please do not drop felony charges against Martin Joel Erzinger.

    Daniel Ellsberg - "It was always a bad year to get out of Vietnam."

    by allenjo on Tue Nov 09, 2010 at 12:18:39 PM PST

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