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View Diary: Prepare for the "Cut Social Security" onslaught (206 comments)

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  •  Whenever GOP moves right, Dems follow (8+ / 0-)

    It works like a ratchet:

    The electoral ratchet permits movement only in the rightward direction. The Republican role is fairly clear; the Republicans apply the torque that rotates the thing rightward.

    The Democrats' role is a little less obvious. The Democrats are the pawl. They don't resist the rightward movement -- they let it happen -- but whenever the rightward force slackens momentarily, for whatever reason, the Democrats click into place and keep the machine from rotating back to the left.

    Whenever Republicans move right, the Democrats move right too, to occupy the mythical "center".

    Now, as a consequence, the Republicans suddenly don't seem so crazy anymore -- they're closer to the center, through no effort of their own, because the center has shifted closer to them. So they can move even further right...

    And repeat.

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