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View Diary: Morning Feature: Bringing Rural Minorities into the Netroots Fold (91 comments)

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  •  I would broaden that comment (5+ / 0-)
    to state that I do not believe there is any room in the netroots, at least not on this site, for reasonable folks who choose to view compromise and reconciliation as a better way to live than confrontational and adversarial name calling.

    You only have to read the is Obama a Blue Dog diaries that rack up thousands of comments to realize that.  Plus listen to the ignorance of the electorate as he travels the world trying to heal the breach between Christian and Muslim and to promote America's trade interests in Asia.

    I have finally had it, and the timing of this trip was marvelous coming on the heels of the epic failure of the Democratic Party to support him and their principles.

    Well, I am no longer going to play in that game. I shall return to what I have done all my life, and stay positive and hope that my words and thoughts help some folk understand the world a little. better.

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