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View Diary: Goodbye Accountability: No Criminal Charges Over Destruction of CIA Torture Videotapes (199 comments)

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  •  we still torture (16+ / 0-)

    just not waterboarding (so far).

    We still have secret prisons, rendition, extraordinary rendition (we should just call it what it is - kidnapping), and targeted assassinations.

    We have prison camps here in the USA for any undocumented persons also.

    Obama is doing far more drone bombings than Bush ever did, and he is spending much more $$$ on the DOD.  But, we're rich, no problems there.

    Also - Obama clearly promised to GET OUT of Iraq and I am certain he will leave office with 50K troops and 75K mercenaries still in Iraq.

    •  What? You don't think that we still waterboard??? (6+ / 0-)

      Why not? Just because Obama said so?

      Why would you trust him? He hasn't told his AG to prosecute war criminals, has he? He's allowing admitted war criminals to go scott-free.

      Obama's ONLY non-negotiable decision during his presidency is to NOT prosecute WAR CRIMINALS.

      Obama has violated his trust with the US public and the world by refusing to do so. He stands tall in allowing War Criminals to go free. It's the only time that he's faced an opposition and refused to budge. And the opposition? Ordinary citizens who are subjected to the Rule of Law, who want Justice applied to everyone.

      Obama has also violated his trust by being far too accommodating to corporatists and fascists, but that's almost a separate matter.

      When someone lies or steals from you, that person, in practical terms, loses your trust. Why is Obama any different? Because he's now powerful? Like Bush? Like Cheney? Is that how the Italians and Germans felt about Hitler and Mussolini? They're powerful, so we can trust them?

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