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View Diary: Poll: It's not just Democratic politicians who lack a spine (290 comments)

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    wishingwell, Jagger

    This is not endemic to conservatism in general, but it is endemic to the modern Republican incarnation of it.  They are very much a party of authoritarians.  Being an authoritarian, of course you're going to demand that your leaders stick to their absolutist position because that is all that matters.  There is a definite right and wrong and you are right.

    Democrats are a much broader ideological coalition made up of people who do have similar hard line but leftist beliefs and people who value compromise.  Of course the problem is that when you are trying to compromise with a party that is so fundamentalist and right wing, you end up having to sacrifice all of your beliefs to find compromise.  

    I am a big fan of compromise and moderate governance, but in a time when party is so far off the rails to the right you cannot do it.  You have to stick to principal, and make a stand.  You have to be willing to get nothing done if getting something done ends up actually compromising not just your beliefs, but sound governance.  

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