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View Diary: Poll: It's not just Democratic politicians who lack a spine (290 comments)

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  •  Who's saying President Obama is solely to blame? (0+ / 0-)

    many progressives seem to want various things pass which pretty much literally have no chance of getting passed...but only if Obama would do...something...then maybe the votes might magically appear.

    I think that's what gets people frustrated is that when Obama can't get something because he literally doesn't have the votes to do it, people get all enraged over it.

    I understand that current filibuster rules are inhibiting our ability to pass the best example of our agenda, and that a lot of blame squarely lays on the shoulders of the Senate.

    Didn't the President recently say that the filibuster needs to be reformed for the 112th Congress?  Am I to believe that he along with other Democrats weren't aware of this at the start of the 111th?  Obviously, the Executive doesn't get to tell the Legislative branch how to operate, but surely he has influence.

    What would our legislation in 2009 have looked like if we weren't beholden to the stranglehold of 41 Senators?

    Would we have had stronger health care reform?  A public option?  A medicare buy-in?

    Would the health care debate have been shortened, giving us more time to focus on other legislation (a jobs bill, wall street reform, immigration reform, DADT repeal, the DISCLOSE act, etc?)

    What achievements would we have been able to run on during the 2010 midterms if we were able to run on the best example of our agenda and not a weak-tea compromised version thereof?

    The Republicans and Conservadems got to sabotage our legislation from being as strong as it needed to be, and thus redefined to the public what a liberal agenda actually looks like.

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