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View Diary: Poll: It's not just Democratic politicians who lack a spine (290 comments)

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    "All well and good If we can make the sale"
    First my belief is that this part is not optional we do have to make the sale

    This is an excellent question.
    So the question remains - how do we get there?

    After many years living in the Bible Belt the dirty little secret is that they love government. Highest rates of entitlement programs are in the South, highest rates of uninsured and under insured  South and rural areas. Maybe we run candidates who are "moderates" who run on jobs programs for these areas especially government jobs. (This will begin to erase the government is you enemy mentality)  while leaving wedge issues to states. Yeah I know that sucks but it works for the Republicans. I would work on getting free health care to areas with high rates of uninsured. Even make them temporary because my guess is no one will dare let them expire. Again got to get the people invested in a proactive government rather than relying on corporate America. Will it be easy no but a lot of these folks have very little it will not cost that much to buy their loyalty and yes that is what it will take initially.

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