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View Diary: Poll: It's not just Democratic politicians who lack a spine (290 comments)

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  •  I've got no problem with a center right guy or (0+ / 0-)

    gal, in a state where we need them, but they need to make a good faith effort to be a team leader. Ben is part of the past, of a Senate that sat on it's hands while the world floated past, voted away their responsibility to wage war to "what me worry" Bush, and let the global economy go into the drink without lifting a finger to fix it. He's a whore to the Ins. lobby.
    We had a good candidate in N.Central Texas, Andy Wilson, a self-described "frugal progressive". Unfortunately the national party makes no effort in Texas.
    He wasn't on board with all of Pres. Obama's agenda, but then that really would have been a hopeless task here. But I'm sure he was the kind of guy the Pres. could have worked with. The one piece of good news in all this is that some of the worst obstacles to progress in the Dem caucus are gone.

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