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    It is a nightmare to navigate the US health care system which is a shame because when it's working it is actually really good, but when insurers are allowed to operate unregulated (as they have been) it's a nightmare. For example, last year I was covered by Emblem, so when the time came for my annual check up, I picked a doctor off the emblem website to make sure they were in network so there would be no copays or whatever. I go see the doctor, am there for 10 minutes. she draws blood and all of that and I leave. Got a call a few days later saying my lab results were fine. Then I get a bill a few weeks later from Emblem for $1800 for the lab work. When I called to complain they said that yes the doctor you went to was covered but we don't cover the lab. I asked them how I could possibly know that and they said "once the needle goes in your arm, it's your responsibility." I have a different health insurance company now. And the thing is I'm the kind of customer Emblem should be trying to hold on to because I pay the premiums every month but rarely go to doctors.

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