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View Diary: The Influence of Southern Religious Politics is Beginning to Poison the Midwest (82 comments)

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  •  because the fire is spreading. (0+ / 0-)

    You've smelled smoke for years, and spotted the fire long ago, and you've been warning people there was a fire, and they've been ignoring you.

    Actually they haven't been ignoring you, they've been imagining that they can't fight the fire without a great big new Seagrave pumper that they can't possibly afford.  

    Now the fire is spreading and it's right up to their street, and they're starting to get real nervous.  

    It's time to teach them how to dig firebreak with hand tools, and how to put out the early embers with buckets of water, and how to use their garden hoses to keep their roofs and the sides of their houses wet and their yards sprinkled so little sparks won't catch.   It's time to teach firefighting skills they can use right now to save their houses.

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