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View Diary: Washington State Moves to Allow Pharmacies to Refuse to Dispense EC (47 comments)

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  •  I don't think most men NEED Viagra either (1+ / 0-)
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    Good point about the slippery slope but the fact is that is completely slanted against women. Most men don't need Viagra or related dick hardening pills. Moreover, those men whose medical conditions limit or prevent them from achieving or maintaining an erection are actually putting their health at risk because of how boner pills work to increase blood flow. Yet all we hear about this is the sound of crickets.

    Do some of these men buy Viagra to cheat on their wives, SOs, boyfriends, etc.? No doubt. Do some of these men impregnate women who now might need Plan B? Probably. Do some of these men spread STDs more easily because of the overprescription of boner pills? Clearly. But not a word from these faux Christianists.

    Look if you find being a pharmacist (DISLOSURE: My late grandfather was a pharmacist) interferes w/ your morality, choose another profession. I have no sympathy for people who ignore the oath of their profession. Indeed, I actually think their "moral objection" is bullshit. It seems this is based on Scarlet Letter style humiliation, which worked wonders. Not. In case they haven't noticed, more single women than ever are having children.  

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