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View Diary: Yes, agreeing to the GOP tax cut plan would be caving (366 comments)

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  •  Well, but. this is (6+ / 0-)

    why everything sucks:

    Realities may be what they are, but the White House shouldn't try to claim victory when it loses. That's not embracing reality. That's denying reality

    They passed a shitty health care bill and act like it's The Greatest Bill Ever, they have done virtually nothing on gay rights, but they say they're The Gayest White House Since Rutherford B. Hayes. They just barely kept us out of Great Depression: The Sequel, but they say they Saved Us From The Biggest Fiscal Disaster Ever.

    Their M.O. is to claim not only victory but Fucking Outstandingly Brilliant Victory, every time they lose.

    And then Democrats don't ever run on those "victories" because they know that, despite all the capital letters, those things blow.

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